Steps to do 2A/2B Reconciliation with ‘2A Tool of Express GST’

Guide to reconcile GSTR 2A/2B and Purchase data using Advanced reconciliation tool at

  1. SignUp and Log-In to

  2. Click on plus () icon to start creating a Company / Client Master for which 2A/2B Reconciliation is required.

  3. Simply enter the GSTIN username and password to create the company.

  4. Enter other relevant details in the Client Master form, and your Company is created.
  5. You are now good to start your 2A/2B Reconciliation in
  6. On the Client Master, click on the company for which you want to reconcile 2A/2B Data.
  7. Click to open the Blue colored drawer (named “Import Books/2A/2B data”), to start importing your Books Data. This drawer is available on the left-hand side of the software.
  8. Here you can import the Books Data for a respective month(s). To import, you can use any one of the following templates: KDK Template, Govt. Portal Template or Tally Template. It is suggested that you download the template from this panel and update books data to it and then import it. Thereafter click refresh 2A/2B data, and you are good to go. 
  9. Once you have imported your Books Data, you will be able to see it’s annual reconciliation in two formats namely, Supplier Wise Reco and Invoice Wise Reco.
  10. The default Reconciliation will be Supplier wise, however, you will be able to view the Invoice Wise Reco as well, by clicking “ Invoice wise Reco”.
  11. Switch between tabs to view reconciliation Annually, Quarterly and Monthly.
  12. Excel like Filtering and Sorting for quick navigation to your desired invoice.
  13. Apply filters based on status like Matched, Mis-Matched, In Books Only and In 2A/2B Only and view invoices to take necessary action.
  14. Select base data to perform 2A/2B Reconciliation by either making Books Period as Base or 2A/2B Period as Base and select multiple Quarters or Months.
  15. To view details of invoices with a difference, all you need to do is click on the eye icon (), and detail of the related supplier and invoice will open.
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