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GSTR 2A/2B Reconciliation


Express GST is a Cloud based software for all GST compliance related work. Save 7X time with our intuitive user interface and file multiple GST returns simultaneously, and improve your cash flow by reconciling GSTR 2A/2B.

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Express GST gives you a seamless GST Filing Experience
as trusted by more than 150K+ KDK Users.

Express GST Software

A game-changer for any small business

Schedule & Send 2A / 2B Email-Only for CA Users

Send automatic emails directly to all client(s) in a single go

Export Reports in Excel

GSTR-1 Multi-Month Report Section & Transaction Wise
GSTR-3B Computation (Consolidate GSTR 3B Multi-Month & Annual)

Download GSTR-3B PDFs in a Single Click

Download 12 months GSTN Portal's GSTR-3B PDFs in a single click

Push data to GSTN & file returns securely

Upload Invoices, Reconcile, eSign, and submit GSTR 1 & GSTR 3B to GSTN Portal

Integration with all popular
accounting software

No manual data entry required. Export data from accounting software and import in Express GST in just a click of a button

Input Tax Credits

Calculate accurate ITC with invoice reconciliation and vendor management. KDK's GST Software will calculate ITC with matched, recognized invoices

Import-Export data in a single click

Import data from existing accounting software, excel or other desired formats in a single click

All returns from single dashboard

File all returns - GSTR 1 to GSTR 3B from a single dashboard without navigation hassles

Customised Reports

Generate tax reports, financial reports, top vendor reports, top clients report, and many more in multiple formats in just a click of a button

GST is complex, but Express GST is not

Express GST is crafted with a beautiful & Simple User Interface.

Get the simplest data viewing experience which helps you to take smart business decisions.

  • Minimizes data handling efforts by 55%

  • Lightning Fast data processing Time with 7X Speed

  • Simple User Interface for Tax/Accounts Professionals

Data Input

  • Express GST imports data from all accounting and ERP Software.

  • Import Lakhs of invoices, hassle-free, in Quick time

  • Even bad data is auto-magically corrected to avoid back-and-forth revisions

Data Processing

  • The Simplest UI which helps you quickly navigate and allows you to view data correctly

  • File GSTR 1 & GSTR 3B and Reconcile GSTR 2A/2B Data with Books data in just few minutes

  • Single screen view of GSTR-2A & 2B

  • Reports of ITC Availability, Tax Liability and Cash & Credit Ledger Balance, and many more.

Value-Driven Output – Maximize ITC & Save Time

The GSTR 2A & 2B Reco ensures that you get 2A & 2B view on a single page with Email to Supplier or download in excel option. Identification of mismatches or excel like functioning with Linking or Delinking of matched invoices.

Express GST
The Fastest GST Software for
2A /2B Reconciliation and Return Filing

Join 150K+ Tax Professionals & Business Leaders who trust KDK Software

File GSTR-1, GSTR 3B & GSTR 9/9C and Reconcile GSTR 2A/2B data with Books data in Seconds

Simplify your GST return filing experience with Best GST Software in 2021


  • Get auto-calculated Data from GSTR 1, 2A and 3B

  • Get a Easy and Clear Comparison of Books and Portal Data

  • View Reports for each section to figure out any differences between Portal Data and Books Data

  • View Multiple Reports of different sections in one go for easy comparison. Drag, Maximize and Minimize reports as per your needs to view Comparisons side by side


  • View auto-populated details from GSTR 9

  • Easy and Keyboard Friendly data entry

  • Get a Clear Comparison of Books data entered by you and GSTR 9 Data


Get GSTR-2A/2B data of multiple months in a single click

  • Invoice Wise Reconciliation

  • Supplier Wise Reconciliation

  • Excel Like Functionality with Linking or Delinking Invoices

  • One page View of 2A & 2B

  • Auto suggestions for invoice linking

  • RCM and ITC Conflict Invoices view


Get 3B data auto-populated from R1 and 2B

  • Multiple Validations and Business Rules for easy and early identification of errors and warnings so that you file only correct data with 100% accuracy.

  • Get to know if you have Claimed any Excess ITC or if there is any Probable Liability u/s 75 (12) so that you can take proper actions.

  • ITC set-off as per amended rules and sections.

  • Keyboard friendly data preparation.

  • 100% Accurate filing – Single click to auto-fill GSTR-3B with GSTR-1 & GSTR-2B data

  • Claim 100% ITC – Check ITC as per GSTR-2B while preparing GSTR 3B


Import data in a single click from Tally & Excel

  • View Consolidated GSTR-1 Summary of all the sections on a single page.

  • Party-Wise & Section Wise segregation of GSTR-1 Data

  • Validation engine (with 100+ checks) for early identification of errors.

  • Facility to Import data from Tally & Excel.

Why use Express GST Software

Super-Fast Return Preparation and Advanced 2A/2B Reconciliation

To ensure that your time and efforts are saved and you are able to claim maximum ITC

Saves Time

Save Time with Simple UI and smarter reports at 7X Speed

Trusted brand of 150K+ users

By KDK Software – Widely Used Software for Tax Filing

Intuitive User Interface

Simple & Beautiful User Interface to Take Quick Decisions

Multi Login Simultaneously

Multiple Users can login at same time and work

Advanced Reports

Net Tax Liability (R1 & 2A), Cash & Credit Ledger Balance, Tax Liability and ITC Availability

Express GST Software is for Everyone

Chartered Accountants and Tax Professionals

Maintain multiple GSTINs with different dashboards.

SMBs and Enterprises

Easy Reconciliation of 2A/2B data
with your Purchase Books data.

Office / Home / Remote Location

(Work from Anytime and Anywhere using multiple devices)

  • Access and Manage Express GST Software from your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone anytime.

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Product Features

GST Compliance and Accounting

With many changes to how businesses account for their purchases, sales and calculation of input tax credits, Express GST makes it easy and fast for your business to transition to being fully GST compliant.

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GST Reporting

GST laws require the timely filing of GST returns monthly, quarterly and annually. With KDK Express GST software, file all your returns from GSTR 1 to GSTR 3B on time and accurately. Generate complete returns by importing data from your existing software / excel, push to GSTN and eSign returns from the KDK's Express GST software.

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What are the benefits of working in the cloud?

You will always be using the most up-to-date software. Because you're working online, you can pick up where you left off with the latest data on all your devices.

How do I make sure my data is secure?

All data transferred online is scrambled with 128-bit SSL encryption. Your data is automatically backed up at all times.