Express Way Bill Software

Express Way Bill Software is a software which can seamlessly integrates with Tally to enable the users to generate E-Way Bill. Thus, it is essentially, a Software using which the user generates E-Way Bill through Tally.

Who uses the Express Way Bill Software?

E-Way Bill must be generated whenever a registered person causes a movement of goods of over a certain value.
During movement of goods as notified, following documents type are required along with E-Way Bill No. mentioned on them.

E-Way Bill can be generated using Express Way Bill Software for following with relatively ease while staying within Tally.
  1. Tax Invoice
  2. Delivery Challan
  3. Bill of Supply
  4. Purchase Invoice
  5. Receipt Note
  6. Bill of Entry
  7. Credit Note
If you have created the sales/purchase invoice through Tally, Express Way Bill Software will help you to generate the E-Way Bill in 1 second while staying within Tally.

Why go for the Express Way Bill Software?

If you have generated E-Way Bill you would know that it involves multiple logins, switching between portals, and of course, some waiting time as well. Let's look at how the Express Way Bill Software makes life easier for you.
  1. No need of a separate login & Data Punch in the NIC portal.
  2. You can generate an E-Way Bill directly from invoice screen. Get E-Way Bill no. Within Tally & Take Print also.
  3. E-Way Bill is generated on single click and eliminate data entry.
  4. The Software is updated with built-in validations for error-free E-Way Bill generation.
  5. It saves time! 1 second all it takes to get your E-Way Bill.
  6. You get notified via SMS & Email Notification on E-Way Bill Generation.

How can I use it?

Yes, you can use the Express Way Bill Software. All you need is,
  1. A licensed Tally software installed in your system and the version should be Tally release 6.4.9 or above