GST is complex, but Express GST is not

USP of Express GST Software

Express GST is crafted with beautiful & Simple User Interface. Get the simplest data viewing experience which helps you to take smart business decisions.

File GSTR-1 / IFF, GSTR-2A, GSTR-2B, GSTR-3B with GSTR-9 & 9C in Minutes 


Common Features 

  • Auto-generated Return Register – Client Wise, Month Wise and Return Wise. 
  • Inbuilt functionality to connect with Customer Care Agent using the Call Me option to get a call back from us in Real time and file returns or reconcile with confidence. 



  • Multiple Validations and Business Rules for easy and early identification of errors and warnings so that you file only correct data with 100% accuracy. 
  • Get to know if you have Claimed any Excess ITC or if there is any Probable Liability u/s 75 (12) so that you can take proper actions. 
  • ITC set-off as per amended rules and sections. 
  • Keyboard friendly data preparation. 
  • 100% Accurate filing – Single click to autofill GSTR-3B with GSTR-1 & GSTR-2B data 
  • Claim 100% ITC – Check and compare section wise ITC as per GSTR-2B while preparing GSTR 3B 
  • View Annual Consolidated as well as Multi-Month GSTR 3B Summary
  • Email the 3B Draft or Filed PDF for Reviews and Confirmation. 
  • View complete details of Cash and Credit Ledger Balance 
  • Check if there is any unclaimed TDS / TCS Credits available so that such credits can be approved and transferred to Cash Ledger. 
  • Get a detailed ITC Computation, which will consider Annual ITC by 2A / 2B with 3B and provide Maximum Permissible ITC that can be claimed in the selected period. 
  • ITC Comparison between 3B / 2B, 2 / 3B, 2A / 2B and 3B / 2A to maximize your ITC Claim 

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  • Single Page view of all sections of GSTR-1 / IFF Summary 
  • Party-Wise & Section Wise segregation of GSTR 1 / IFF Data 
  • 100+ Smart Validation and Rules for early identification of errors and duplicity in records so that you file only correct data with 100% accuracy. 
  • Section Navigator for faster look through of different GSTR-1 sections 
  • Easy and Keyboard friendly data preparation for filing your return 3x times faster. 
  • Excel-like, powerful sorting and filtering of data on multiple criteria(s) to get your desired record. 
  • 3X Faster when compared to GSTN portal 
  • Get data from GSTN Portal with a blink of eye and refresh it, to maintain freshness at a point of time. 
  • View Invoice Level data of your already filed returns. 
  • Comparison with Previous Period's return to understand the trend anomalies. 

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  1. With GSTR-2A / GSTR-2B Reconciliation, reconcile data for multiple months in a single click 
  • Invoice Wise Reconciliation 
  • Party Wise & Month Wise Document Count with Match Status 
  1. Advanced and Smart 2A and 2B Reconciliation to match more than 99% of your Invoices, with 3x speed within 30 Secs which saves time.  
  2. Super-fast Reco Engine with efficient queries brings most accurate reco results 
  3. 81% Time is saved , if compared with old excel tools 
  4. 99 % Accuracy 
  5. Multi-month , Multi-quarter and Annual 2A and 2B Reco in single click 
  6. Intelligent mechanism to identify Matches and Partial Matches 
  7. Consolidated view to figure out Supplier-wise and Invoice-wise reco. 
  8. Four important yet easy matching status 
    1. Matched 
    2. Partially Matched 
    3. Only in 2A / Only in 2B 
    4. Only in Books 
  9. Matching amended invoices with original ones to eliminate any duplicacy in Invoice. 
  10. Send instant emails to your clients or to your Supplier for their Complete 2A and 2B Reconciled Data for a selected F.Y.  
  11. Import data in bulk and reconcile with 2A / 2B data in no time. 
  12. Change period to perform Reconciliation as per your convince, taking - 
    1. 2A Period as base / 2B Period as base 
    2. Books Period as base 
  13. Get 2A and 2B data from GSTIN Portal with a blink of eye and refresh it, to maintain freshness at point of time. 
  14. Custom, Dynamic and Powerful  Search, Sort and Filter on multiple criteria 
  15. All types of excel templates are supported to import Purchase Register data immaterial of extension, column placement and data format:  
    1. GSTIN Portal 
    2. ERP/Tally 
    3. Express GST 
  16. Identify GST defaulting suppliers and reduce your losses due to not claimed ITC - Claim Accurate Input Tax Credit  
  17. Manually Link In Books Only or In 2A / 2B Only Invoices between different Financial Years  
  18. Add remarks while linking invoice to keep mentally notes for Future. 
  19. View invoices with RCM or ITC Eligibility differences so that you can claim proper ITC. 
    1. RCM Conflict: This will show all linked invoices for the Selected FY wherein there is difference in RCM. 
    2. ITC Eligibility Conflict: This will show all linked invoices for the Selected FY wherein there is a difference in ITC Availability.   
    3. In 2A, not in 2B: This will highlight all invoices in which a supplier has just uploaded the Invoice in their R1 and have not filet the return for that Tax Period. Unless, that R1 is not filed, a buyer cannot claim ITC for the same.  

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  1. Get auto-calculated Data from GSTR 1, 2A and 3B 
  2. Get an Easy and Clear Comparison of Books and Portal Data 
  3. View Reports for each section (Month Wise, Party Wise, PoS Wise and Rate Wise) to figure out any differences between Portal Data and Books Data  
  4. View Multiple Reports of different sections in one go for easy comparison. Drag, Maximize and Minimize reports as per your needs to view Comparisons side by side 
  5. Single Click Saving to GSTN : Data is saved to GSTN through just one click and same can be downloaded in the JSON format. 

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  1. View auto-populated details from GSTR 9. 
  2. Easy and Keyboard Friendly data entry 
  3. Single Click Saving to GSTN: Data is saved to GSTN through just one click and same can be downloaded in the JSON format.  

Get a Clear Comparison of Books data entered by you and GSTR 9 Data.