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With 100+ Smart Validation and Rules applied across ExpressGST, you will be able to identify errors and duplicity in records so that you file only correct data with 100% accuracy.

File GSTR 1 Online Anywhere with Our GSTR 1 Software

  • In the world of automation and remote Work, Express GST is standing with the industry to file GSTR1 from any part of the Globe.

  • Form GSTR-1, which provides information on outward supplies of goods and services, is a monthly/quarterly Statement of Outward Supplies that must be provided by all regular and irregular registered taxpayers who make outward supplies of goods and services or both.

  • One can file the GSTR1 as well as NIL GSTR1 directly from Express GST online within a few minutes.

  • To file GSTR-1 Online by using ExpressGST, the User has to just Import the Data from Excel, the software will automatically run validations and make data error-free so that successful filing of GSTR 1 can be done.

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All-in-one GST Compliance, simplifying your GST return filing experience
with #1 GST Software 2024.

Get data from GSTN Portal in the blink of an eye and refresh it, to maintain freshness at any point of time.

100+ Smart Validation and Rules for early identification of error and duplicity in records, so that you file only correct data with 100% accuracy.

Comparison with Previous Period returns to understand the anomalies.

Excel-like powerful sorting and filtering of data on multiple criteria(s) to get your desired record.

Easy and Keyboard friendly data preparation for filing your return 3x times faster

Single screen summarized view of all sections of GSTR 1. Get Party-Wise & Sections-Wise Summary of relevant sections for easy data analysis.

Single click to import complete data from any accounting software.

Four convenient and understandable record statuses: Error, To be uploaded, Uploaded, and Warning.

Clear picture and easily accessible view of data already uploaded on GSTN portal till date. View invoice level data of your already filed returns.

Process your data by Just Importing Sales Register
Upload 1000s of Invoices in 1-Click

Bulk import to View

  • Consolidate GSTR 1 Summary

  • Errored Record for Easy Fixing

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Express GST Superfast GSTR 1 Online Filing Software
for Hassle-Free & Accurate GSTR 1 Returns

Online GSTR 1 filing is just possible with lightning speed and that too with maximum accuracy.

Software facilitates hassle-free import of data from Excel and then Validates the data by applying various logic and suggests correcting the data so that there is no wrong filing of GSTR 1 return online. So it makes data error-free before saving it on Portal.

The software has its own validation tool, in which data is filtered so that any wrong filing like Cancelled GSTN, Duplicate Invoice, etc can be identified before Filing GSTR1 itself.

Users can correct such identified errors and then proceed to Filing GSTR1 accurate records from the software.

Most efficient import engine brings clear picture about your sales data and allow error resolutions for accurate GSTR 1 filing.

Data Import

GSTR 1 by Express GST is super-fast as takes few seconds to process your data. Its bulk import feature with four statuses, helps you to prepare your data in no time. All types of Excel templates are supported to import Sales Register data immaterial of extension, Column placement and data format.

KDK Template Govt. Portal Template Tally template

Various formats supported are:


A Preferred Solution for CAs, Tax Practitioners, & Corporates to File GSTR 1 Online with 100+ Smart Validation and Rules

Due to such a fast and easy way of filing the Returns it is widely used by CAs, Tax Practitioners, & Corporates to File GSTR 1 Online in India.

This application is cloud-based and owing to the flexibility of accessing the data from anywhere, it is being preferred by industry partners/stakeholders as they can use the Software for filing GSTR1 on the go.

You can use the free trial and book a demo by simply Signing up using a mobile number and start working on filing returns.

Creation of a Master record is just a one-click process, for further details you can also book a demo.

No need to download the software, you can simply type www.expressgst.com and signup and start using the free trial and start filing GSTR1 Returns online.

  • Multiple Validation and Rules Engine for early recognition of error and duplicacy in records so that, you file only correct data with 100% accuracy.

  • Powerful automated steps and auto-calculations to reduce data entry and manual effort.

  • Convenient and understandable record statuses
    To be Uploaded

  • Highlight the errors and warnings in each invoice so as to reduce to and fro between software and portal at the time of filing

Easy and Keyboard friendly addition, deletion and editing of Section Data

  • Keyboard friendly data preparation

  • Hotkeys for easy additions of invoices and items within an invoice

  • Highlight the errors and warnings in each invoice so as to reduce to and fro between software and portal at the time of filing

  • Excel-like, powerful sorting and filtering of data on multiple criteria(s) to get your desired record

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One Stop Summary View of the Data to be Saved on Portal

  • View a comparative summary of records that are already uploaded on portal and what new will be uploaded

  • Download the prepared GSTR 1 data in JSON Format

  • Upload the prepared Data on Portal in a single click

  • View and Compare the data to be saved with your previous month’s data so as to avoid any mishaps

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Amend Invoices Online from B2B to B2C Within A Second

One such feature of the validation Tool is: You can Move/amend B2B Invoices to B2C for cancelled GSTNs and any other such adjustments within a few seconds with just a single click.

While Saving Data to file GSTR1 on the portal from the software, as mentioned that software has its validation tool it will suggest that there is an error and give the option to Fix the error simply by one click you can easily move all Invalid GSTIN invoices from B2B to B2C so that there is no Loss of ITC.

This feature saves time and enables us to file error-free & accurate GSTR 1 by simply moving the ineligible invoices from B2B to B2C, no need to delete from B2B first and then again make entries in B2C.

Intuitive Interface and User-friendly

ExpressGST is user-friendly with efficient user interface. It is not unlike other applications. Express GST offers such an interface that is useful, user-friendly, meaningful, and capable of solving the discrepancy issues, and business needs without getting lost and confused while working on different aspects of GST.

GSTIN Dashboard

Custom GSTIN Dashboard that will enable you to:

  • View the complete filing status of the GSTIN for a selected F.Y.

  • Single point to view Reconciliation for a desired month.

  • Single point to upload both Sales and Purchase Data.

  • View Summary of your Cash and Credit Ledger.

  • Get your net sales by GSTR 1 for the Selected F.Y.

  • Overview of Total Sales vs Purchase.

  • Overview of your Net Tax Liability.

  • View the Status of your last synced data from the GSTN Portal.

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Express GST is on Cloud

Express GST comes on the cloud thus giving you additional benefit

  • Increases Flexibility - Work Anytime, Anywhere, on any device:

    One of the prime benefits of using the cloud-based 2A Reco Tool (ExpressGST.com) software is that it saves your time through seamless collaboration. It helps in letting multiple team member’s work, from multiple locations. This becomes time-efficient option for working with the clients as the stored information of a client can be accessed from anywhere, which means you don’t have to be in your office to help a client with anything related to the 2A Reco.

  • Lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

  • Better Collaboration with Different Stakeholders.

  • Secure Data Storage.

  • Doesn't Require A Firewall.

  • Increases Flexibility.

  • Auto Update and Auto Backup for Better Performance No Installation required on Your Desktop/Laptop.

  • No need to store data on your Desktop / Laptop.